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Ive seen/heard of this scenario far too many times over the last couple of years i've decided to write it up as an anti-pattern like I did with some posts early last year.

Dumming down your BizTalk installation
This pattern is simple to explain.  An organisation begins a project using BizTalk and focuses on their core requirements to deliver orchestrations or messaging components to deliver their required functionality.  When they come to setting up their BizTalk environment (dev, test or production) they don't bother setting up a number of the features which BizTalk can optionally provide.  These are typically:
- Business Rules Engine
It is not always all of the features, but often 1 or more are not configured.


  1. When you get a change to your original requirements you might find that something like BAM may be the perfect solution, yet you cant use it because it wasnt configured when you setup your BizTalk environment.

  1. If you want to change your BizTalk production configuration once it is live this can mean needing to drop boxes our of your group while each BizTalk server is reconfigured.

  1. Having these additional features such as BAM will allow you to add value to your solution in future iterations of your project by releasing information about your processes which would not otherwise be available.


This is simple.  Always setup all components/features of BizTalk when creating your environment.
Companies invest in BizTalk as a strategic IT decision.  One of the key selling points of BizTalk are the added value components such as BRE, BAM, BAS.  You might not need these straight away but the effort required to set them up is minimal and this gives you the opportunity to take advantage of them when you need to.
 By comparison if you bought a new expensive car with all of the trimmings, when you get lost you wouldnt choose to ignore the built in SatNav because you cant be bothered to press the ON button and instead use the A to Z (not sure if those outside UK will know what an A to Z is, so if not it is a road map)
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