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Coexistence between Exchange forests (without trusts…) -- Part 6: Installing the MIM 2016 Synchronization Service (GALSync)

Step 1: In the unpacked MIM installation folder, navigate to the Synchronization Service folder.

Step 2: Run the MIM Synchronization Service installer. Follow the guidelines of the installer and complete the installation.

Step 3: In the welcome screen – click Next.

Step 4: Review the license terms and if you accept them, click Next.

Step 5: In the feature selection screen click Next.

Step 6: In the Sync database configuration screen, select:

1. The SQL Server is located on: This computer.

2. The SQL Server instance is: The default instance.

Note: Adapt these values if you decide to host the SQL database on another server.

Step 7: Configure the Sync Service Account according to the account you created earlier:

      1. Service account: MIMSync
      2. Password: Pass@word1

Note: This is the password that was assigned to variable “$SP” earlier.

3. Service Account Domain or local computer name: domain

Step 8: Provide MIM Sync installer with the relevant security groups:

1. Administrator = Corp\MIMSyncAdmins

2. Operator= corp\MIMSyncOperators

3. Joiner = corp\MIMSyncJoiners

4. Connector Browse = corp\MIMSyncBrowse

5. WMI Password Management= corp\MIMSyncPasswordReset

Step 9: In the security settings screen, check Enable firewall rules for inbound RPC communications, and click Next.

Step 10: Click Install to begin the installation of MIM Sync.

1. A warning concerning the MIM Sync service account may appear – click OK.

2. MIM Sync will now be installed.

Step 11: A notice on creating a backup for the encryption key will be shown – click OK, then select a folder to store the encryption key backup.

Step 12: When the installer successfully completes the installation, click Finish.

Step 13: You will be prompted to log off and log on for group membership changes to take effect. Click Yes to logoff.



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