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It seems that the Snippet Compiler is not maintained anymore.

So I need an alternative – also for getting syntax highlighting for code in publications. Preferable with the possibility to conserve this highlighting by copying selections to clipboard. Snippet Compiler does not allows this for selections – only by exporting the whole file content to clipboard with HTML- or RTF-formatting (File > Export > HTML to clipboard respectively RTF to clipboard).

Today I switched to LINQPad. This application offers constructing LINQ-statements as well as compiling arbitrary code snippets.

But there are some other alternatives too:

  • CS-Script - The C# Script Engine
    CS-Script is a CLR (Common Language Runtime) based scripting system which uses ECMA-compliant C# as a programming language. CS-Script currently targets Microsoft implementation of CLR (.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5.
  • sharpsnippetcompiler
    C# Snippet Compiler is a tiny IDE to create, debug and run your C# programs
  • CsharpRepl
    C# interactive shell that is part of Mono's C# compiler. An interactive shell is usually referred to as a read eval print loop or repl. The C# interactive shell is built on top of the Mono.CSharp library, a library that provides a C# compiler service that can be used to evaluate expressions and statements on the flight.

What I miss is an alternative with syntax highlighting like in my Visual Studio:

Instead of:

posted on Sunday, January 2, 2011 1:32 AM