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Windows Mobile RampUp track is now available on MSDN

Are you interested in learning about Windows Mobile Application Development from the ground up and looking for some easy-to-use content that helps you get started? We have good news for you. We have just launched the MSDN RampUp track for Windows Mobile Application Development on MSDN.

There's a new Windows Mobile RampUp track available on MSDN

Posted On Friday, May 22, 2009 5:00 AM

Neat feature with Google Translate
Maybe I'm late in noticing this, but it was a pretty handy feature so I though I would mention it. Recently I was working with some obscure scripts that had comments written in another language. Though I had a pretty good idea what the author had intended just by reading the script logic, I wanted to see what the author's comments might have to add. I fired up Google Translate and having traveled quite a bit I thought I would guess at what the language was. Then I noticed a choice from the drop down ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 20, 2009 5:56 AM

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