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So of course the big announcement for every .NET Geek this week is Windows 7 availability. As I type this out, I'm downloading it in the background (released already on MSDN) and I hear tomorrow Microsoft will open up downloads to like 3 million people. I heard a tweet or two from folks about how large it is and how long it's taking to download and it got me thinking back to when Sun first released the Java SDK and I downloaded that thing. I don't remember how big it was, but it might as well have been gigabytes (of course it wasn't!) as I was overseas downloading it on a dial-up I actually paid twice for that download, first to my ISP (I think it was Netcom UK back in those days) and second to British Telecom since there wasn't (isn't still?) free phone calls available over landlines on BT's phone network. I actually started the download at night and let it go overnight...thankfully the download wasn't interrupted and in the morning I had a brand new "toy" to play with as I started down the path of learning Java.

Fast forward to today as my download continues from MSDN (MSDN Download Manager says 3 hours remaining) and it just stuck me as odd how though bandwidth has certainly increased (from the old 28.8 dial-up to broadband now) with the bandwidth growth so has the size of downloads grown. Will things ever equal out? Who knows. I remember about that same time I had bought my first Gigabyte hard drive. Yeah - some may remember when they first came out with those. I bought a 1.6GB hard drive for my computer and a friend commented something to the effect of not needing that much space "What the heck are you going to do with all that space?" he asked. "I got a lot of games I want to install" was my answer at the time...and here I am now looking to set up a 2TB RAID NAS on my home network to safely keep all the family photos, videos, games, and other digital artifacts I've collected over the years...while 1GB flash drives are routinely given away free at trade shows, conferences, etc.

No real point to this post other than just some reflections on my part. Thanks for sharing with me!

Posted on Thursday, January 8, 2009 11:33 AM Non-Technical | Back to top

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