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I remember in my early days..."hacking" a game to get better stats (gold, experience, items, etc.) usually meant time spent in a hex editor experimenting with value changes and doing differential compares between previous game save files and one right after you "got something".

My daughter recently got a new game (PetVet3D) and she wanted to play it to get to the level where you can buy a horse clinic. I started looking at how long it would take and it seemed ridiculous the way the game's internal timer worked. On a hunch I checked the game save directory and found it to be plain old XML plain text even, no encrypted values....geesh! I changed some things while she wasn't around, gave the character $100,000 and bought all the upgrades available.

After deciding that was way too easy I set everything back....just can't believe how easy it's gotten...then again I haven't really played any games in a long time so maybe this has been the norm for a while.


Posted on Friday, September 28, 2007 9:36 PM Just for fun | Back to top

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