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ViewSonic PocketPC v37



  • The lightest Pocket PC I’ve ever had!
  • Good battery life
  • Vibrant Display
  • Did I mention how light it is?


  • No built in wireless/Bluetooth
  • Smaller on-board storage than others


Well the ViewSonic v37 is not a *new* Pocket PC as far as the market is concerned but I did just recently win mine at the Greater Charleston .NET User Group meeting, so it’s new to me :)


My previous Pocket PC experience has been with iPAQs. I have an old, old one, that I’m sure my daughter has misplaced somewhere in my office while playing with it and I have an iPAQ 5555 series which is a tank compared to this thin, light v37. What I like most about the v37 is just how light and thin it is. It fits easily in a shirt pocket and doesn’t weigh you down. With my 5555 (though I love it) it has to sit in a holster on my hip because it’s a little larger/heaver.


I was kind of disappointed to see that ViewSonic apparently doesn’t support this device any more as enquiries about the SDIO Wireless card promo that came in the box went unanswered. Therein lies one of the cons with this device is that there is no built in wireless or Bluetooth capability which was a bummer.


It does feature an SD card slot where I’ve currently got a 512MB SD card jam packed full of some of my favorite Pocket PC software and songs…yeah this Pocket PC doubles as my jukebox for my Volvo since it doesn’t have a CD player, just a AM/FM radio and Tape Deck.


It features a 400MHz Intel processor and 64MB ROM. It also has 64MB of SDRAM of which only about 36MB is available for use.


The v37 also comes with a CD-ROM that has some pretty useful Pocket PC software loaded on it like ClearView Image Display and ClearView Presentation Viewer which lets you view PowerPoint slides on your Pocket PC.


The display on this little thing is pretty sweet also…go figure ViewSonic usually pops into mind when thinking about monitors so they definitely have the display features down, but all in all I think they do a great job with their venture into the PocketPC realm as well.

Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2006 10:45 PM Hardware Reviews | Back to top

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