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I’m involved in a small project at work where I’m taking an existing web application and SharePoint portal and moving it plus its backend database to new physical servers. Part of that process is setting up the new servers as well as a complete documentation of the current system before we begin the transition.

When I first heard the requirements/level of detail the customer wanted in the documentation for this I started thinking “This sucks” because I didn’t want to spend that much time mucking around the OS and gathering that data or stitching together some piecemeal report based on pulling some info here, some info there, etc. Not only did they want this level of detail on the existing servers *before* the migration, but also wanted a post migration report of the same details in the new servers.

Since I’m all for working smarter not hard, I’m glad to have found Everest Corporate Edition by Lavalys, Inc.

This software rocks because it totally automates the collection and formatting of the reports for all kinds of information.

Below is a snapshot of the opening screen showing the different kinds of information you can automatically collect about your system:

So for example’s sake here we’re going to just show a quick report based on Motherboard. If I click on it (as shown below) I’ll get a representation of everything that’s included in that particular report.

Further, if I Right-Click on Motherboard and choose Quick Report, I’ll get the output below:

As you can see from the scroll bars in the report window there’s quite a lot of detail in there…and that took all of about 7 seconds to run.

Like I mentioned before – the really great thing about this software is that it gives you detailed reports on just about anything you can think of for your machine and that it formats any of these reports automatically for you in your choice of several report formats to include Plain Text, HTML, MHTML, XML, or even store it to a database (Access databases included). The report formats are generally well organized and easy to read and depending on the amount of detail you want in them can range from a few pages, to over 400 pages for the report I generated to support these system migrations.

But wait, there’s more (now I sound like an infomercial, eh?) – no seriously though…the software includes a stress test utility which can put your box through the wringer and see how well it handles it. You can test disks, memory, CPU as shown below:

All in all I’m pretty glad to have spent the money on this software because of the time it has already saved me in generating system documentation. If you have a similar documentation project, you’ll be happy with the time saved too.

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