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Well after spending a bit of time installing and configuring my virtual PC to run XNA, I run into a glitch where the VPC doesn’t support Direct3D. My first clue was when I went to run the SpaceWar project that’s included, I got the following exception:


"Could not find a Direct3D device compatible with the current device preferences."


I thought to myself, “Self – that’s odd because your graphics card does have Direct3D, dxdiag says so (and passed all tests as well!). But I suppose the problem here is that Direct3D drivers somehow don’t carry over in the VPC because when I run dxdiag in the VPC, I only show a DirectDraw, but no Direct3D.


To further add to the confusion a quick check of Microsoft’s Virtualization FAQ states that although Direct3D is not supported in Virtual Server 2005, it makes no specific mention of Virtual PC.



Another Blog mentions that you need to install Virtual Machine additions in order to support Direct3D but I already have that added.


After further digging I find out that VPC actually emulates an S3 Trio video card so I’m totally outta luck, eh?


Kinda makes me wish I didn’t blow over that whole “XNA requires a Direct3D capable video card…” Sure my physical box has one, so let me at it…not realizing until now that the VPC emulates something completely different.


So I'm off to install everything on the laptop I used at Code Camp last week!

Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2006 4:48 AM XNA | Back to top

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