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Almost a year and a half ago when I installed the first beta, the Start Menu was still present.  In the next iteration, it was disabled by default but could be brought back with a registry hack on a per-user basis.  I was concerned, but not fully alarmed.  Then the final public beta rolled around, and when I installed it I was appalled.  It was at that moment 10 months ago that I knew Microsoft was sunk.  I voiced my opinion loud and clear to many.  My friends were curious of my antics but had faith that in the final product, Microsoft would provide a way to have base Windows 7-like UI functionality.  After all, the comfort zone of the damned Start Menu was 15 years entrenched.  How could they simultaneously slap the whole world in the face while proclaiming, "PSYCHE!!!"

But they DID!!

The atrocity shipped soon thereafter, and in its crippled state, it has become the ultimate bottom-feeder, hoping for any random leftover scraps the market can toss its way.  We are witnessing the biggest blunder Microsoft has ever committed.  And there are some significant blemishes in its past.  This faux pas goes WAY past the strong-arm tactics of the 90's where the Office products were coded with secret undocumented APIs to which WordPerfect and Lotus were not privy.  I truly believe Bill has redeemed himself from those shrewd early days with his current outstanding commitment to better the world.  I am delighted that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation exists.  I endorse it wholeheartedly.  I am quite grateful Microsoft has garnered the success it has over the past three decades.

In Bill's absence some kind of jealous power play has gone unchecked.  In apparent envy of Apple we've seen an attempt to win over the public with charades and marketing muscle.  Microsoft's iPod was the Zune.  Their iPhone was the Kin.  And now they've gone all-in to combat the iPad and have bet all their black chips on this one hand.  If the product were as addicting as aspartame or fast food then this would have worked.  But the product just sucks.  The public will not be won over by marketing shenanigans.  Pay for all the stupid band appearances and stores and giveaways you want.  Surround yourself with like-minded fools who parrot your mantras.  Bottom line is the product does not work.  Listen to your customers and learn a thing or two.  OR IS IT TOO EMBARRASSING?  Now that you've screwed the pooch, is there any way back?

Damn it, Microsoft, wake up and get your act together.  You have pissed off essentially ALL of the big-name hardware manufacturers.  Some have gone Chromebook, and many will go Ubuntu if you don't shape up NOW.  There is no time to mess around with creating a Windows Store until you bring back some shred of what the public wants in an operating system.

Windows 8 has amazing enhancements in speed and feature set.  I love HyperV.  And the slimming and trimming.  It absolutely rocks.  Kudos to all the hard-working teams that made that possible.  But it is just completely crippled with a pointless interface.  Ditch what doesn't work NOW.  Do not wait until you have blown another billion in advertising.

Can I be any clearer?  How many of you morons actually think the current approach is still gonna fly?  Truly -- wake up and take action.  It is now or never.  You can apologize to the public and THEY WILL UNDERSTAND.  You can reclaim the ground you have lost.  Or you can continue waltzing along with selective hearing, believing all the inner voices in your head chanting about how a common phone and desktop ecosystem can work.


You make DESKTOP operating systems.  Not tablet or phone OSes.  Don't throw away your core competencies.  You have Active Directory in 95% of corporations worldwide.  Do NOT piss that away.  You have an amazing new XBox release that will do well.  WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO PUT THAT XBOX UI ON CORPORATE SERVERS???  WHILE STILL PROMOTING POWERSHELL???  Stop with the nonsense.  Do what you are good at.  I have solidly invested 25 years of my career in your products and I don't want to see you piss it away.

Straighten up, and get your act together.  You're gonna need it over the next 6 months.  Bring the red pill registry hack back and let's get a usable operating system back in the hands of the public.  Every time someone installs StarDock or Classic Shell they think in their mind, "Why was Microsoft incapable of just putting this in the box???"

I am done tearing you a new corn chute now.  I hope to God this isn't falling on deaf ears.  But as of late you seem quite steeped in denial.  Just in case, I should learn some Objective C instead of continuing to play the cello on the deck of this large ship.
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