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It's a great keynote going on this morning out here at the Venetian, learning about the newest of the new from Microsoft.  The new beta bits for Silverlight 1.0 are now available for download, with the RTM is coming this summer.  And surronding Silverlight is also the announcement of the featureset to be included in Silverlight 1.1.  For that Laurent already mentioned some of the great news.  Especially important is that a scaled-down version of .NET will be included in that v1.1 release.  We've been anticipating this announcement for quite awhile now.  Scott Guthrie did a GREAT job presenting everything new there, including lots of coverage of compatibility with Mac.

Also groovy are the latest enhancements to Blend as demo'd from Wayne Smith.  Excellent ways to easily put together timelines and such, very similar to how you design with Flash.  But much better experience when it comes to integrating video.  The new Expression Blend 2.0 bits can be downloaded now!  Pretty powerful stuff with video.  Something new that was annonunced during Ray's keynote, and now being demo'd by a CBS bigwig Jonathan Leess is some of the good streaming features of Silverlight.  Similar functionality to what Flash can do with MPEG-4, but better management of the bandwidth, so you can get up to 720p playback.  (Not sure if that's 30 or 60 fps...  Assuming 30...)  Now don't confuse this kind of streaming with "Silverlight Streaming", which is Microsof's S3 for video.  If your video is hosted on Microsoft's Silverlight Streaming services, they will scale the delivery up so everyone worldwide can enjoy it, no matter how popular it may get.  So it scales the same as YouTube or Google video, but with much better video quality.  The only drawback I can see is the video format can't be repurposed as it is not as open of a standard as MPEG4.  (Uses Microsoft's WMV and VC-1.)

One of the great quotes I liked from Scott (paraphrasing):  Silverlight closes the gap so that instead of using different languages in your development like crusty old Javascript on the client, you can now use .NET code in all three important places when you develop: The server, rich client apps, and Silverlight browser apps.

Here's some big news: So you've heard that Silverlight 1.1 will be able to run .NET.  But how much?  What kind?  Is it watered-down?  The amazing thing is that it will contain THE FULL CLR!!!  And it's only 4.24 megs!  That's it!  This means performance that is at least 500 times faster than Javascript, and with routines that use heavy logic it can be much faster still.  Hard for the Actionscript in Adobe Flash to compete with that kind of performance.  There's a version for Mac (not yet as performant) that also runs the full CLR.  Not all of the framework mind you, but imagine the potential since you can deliver any .NET DLL out to the client.  Very powerful.

* More big news *  A future version of Silverlight will target mobile devices!  This announcement has also been expected for awhile, and it's good to see it come to fruition.

Other neat tidbits of Silverlight:

It can reach into the HTML DOM to change the status bar, etc.

Will support REST!

Since it uses the standard full CLR, it can use the LINQ query API.

Can replace what you would normally do with ASP.NET AJAX with calls to web services.  Much easier round-trips.

Can debug on a remote Macintosh machine (!)  This is unbelievable.  You can change variables and everything across the network.  Breakpoints, etc.  I can't tell you enough how amazing this part is.

Controls are now here because you can deliver any .NET assembly to the browser.  No ViewPort3D still, but *anything* 2D you want to do with WPF is possible.

More MIX conference info coming later!  (There's some compelling data things that may be mentioned in a little while here...)

Don't miss the community site for Silverlight:

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Don't miss the community site for Silverlight
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