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no-mouse The mouse is like computer training wheels. It makes using a computer easier – but it slows you down.

Like many of my peers I am making a effort to learn keyboard shortcuts to reduce my dependence on the mouse. So I have started accumulating browser bookmarks to websites listing keyboard shortcuts for vim and resharper etc.

Based on the assumption that I am not the only person who finds this untenable I am considering building the ultimate keyboard shortcut reference site. This is an opportunity for me to improve my rails skills and hopefully contribute something useful to the anti-mouse community.


Shortcuts will be grouped by application, so the first thing a user needs to do is find their application. They do this by typing the application name into a textbox and then selecting from a reducing list of applications. This interface will work like the stackoverflow tags page.


Selecting an application will take the user to a page that lists the shortcuts for that application. This page will have a permalink for bookmarking. Shortcuts can be searched by keyword or by using the shortcut.


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