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IMG_3860 Arriving at JFK, at dawn, is beautiful.

From above 1,000ft I can see no crime, poverty or ugliness – just the dark orange sunrise-through-smog.

The Atlantic appears calm, and I take that as a good sign.

Today is the first day of my software craftsmanship tour. I will be visiting three of the shining lights of the software industry over five days, exchanging ideas and learning. Arriving on the red eye from Seattle I feel like hell. My lips, not used to the dry air, are cracked and bleeding. I get changed in the JFK restroom and make my way from the airport. Following Rik’s directions I take the airtrain to Jamaica. Rik is an engineering manager at Didit in Long Island, the first stop on my tour. From Jamaica I take the Long Island Rail Road train to Rockville Centre, home of Didit.

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