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Liam McLennan
For years I have been an SOA sceptic, and I remain so. As many have pointed out, SOA is an over-hyped and under-defined technology. Lately, however, I have detected a silver lining to the SOA storm cloud.

It began with an inkling as to why SOA is so popular with senior managers. "Could it be", I thought, "that they dislike ERP software as much as I do?" To borrow a term from Jeff Atwood, ERP is "crapware".

Might SOA be an alternative to ERP? Rather than monolithic crapware we could have many niche applications, each performing their one task with talent, precision and beauty. And rather than hire an army of overpriced consultants to customise an ERPsolution you would only need to hire a slightly smaller army of slightly less overpriced consultants to integrate the many niche applications into your SOA brave new world.

I still think SOA is mostly hype, but integration is something that I believe in. I hope in the future to see the integration of many specialised applications begin to replace the acceptance of mediocre ERP solutions. Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 5:11 AM | Back to top

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