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I just got back (a few hours ago) from Minneapolis, where I was speaking at the Twin Cities Code Camp 8. I’d never been to a Twin Cities Code Camp, and I have always heard such great things, so I submitted and got accepted to speak.

The conference (what I got to see) was great. My talk was pretty short on people, but there are many reasons for that. First, I spoke opposite Donn Felker (speaking about developing for Android) and Keith Dahlby (speaking about Dynamic .NET). So of course, my talk is going to be empty. How could I compete with that? Plus, my talk was about software process improvement, specifically about how our process has evolved. Maybe not the smartest idea to submit to talk about software process at a developer’s conference. The people who DID attend however, seemed to really enjoy the talk. There was good interaction and good, thoughtful questions. So the attendees seemed engaged.

I actually did get a chance to go to one session. I went and saw Javier Lozano talk about Open source tools for ASP.NET MVC. I am hip-deep in MVC stuff right now and getting up to speed on MVC 2 as well. I learned about MVC Turbine, Javier’s Open Source project. I will definitely be adding it to my MVC arsenal. Thanks Javier!

I did forget my AC adapter for my laptop and got a little lost in Minneapolis on my way to get one from MicroCenter Saturday morning, but other than that, it was a great trip. It’s a long drive, but seeing all the guys and getting two Nut & Honey rolls from Roly Poly in Eden Prarie for lunch on Saturday made the trip totally worth it.

I look forward to seeing what Jason & Chris come up with for next year! Thanks for having me guys!

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