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So today started Day 1 of IT Forum in Barcelona, at least it did for the pre conference delegates.
Everyone gets an attendee bag with some nice stuff in it, and the location is great next to the sea with a nice place to enjoy the nice weather down here.
22 Celsius is nice I must admit, though I can't profit that much of this.
So what going on at the venue.
All the session rooms as located close to each other and due to split up of teched developers and IT forum into two different conferences.
When I compare it to my last time at Teched, which was in San Diego, it was a challenge to get from session to session due to the huge distance between all the rooms.
And defiantly a pro for the European version of Teched is the food, just nice healthy food and not that much junk food.

The wireless network
Luckily due to the smaller area that needs coverage they were able to create a nice network with great coverage.
But the whole morning I was trying to find out why I was not getting an IP address from this network, but I found out that it was a known issue.
So if you have a system with Vista and Intel Wireless chipset, go to the Help desk area.
They will provide you with an fixed IP address to connect to the network.

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