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Since i'm working on a windows mobile 5.0 project we are looking for a solution how to manage these devices.
and until now i found out that most management is done by just adding or changing registry keys on the device.
Since we already have SMS implemented in the it environment we were looking for an add on or a solution how we could change some parts in windows mobile so it would fit our needs.

What i know now, the best solution is just searching which registry keys you need to change.
To find out which registry key does what i was looking for some snapshot tools for windows mobile 5.0.

I havn't found tools that work like WISE packagestudio takes snapshots form the pc but well i got verry close.
on the site they have some great tools to take a snapshot (SSNAP) of the device, this will register all files and registry entries on the device.
After taking a before and after snapshot i copy the files to my pc and use WINDIFF.EXE (from the xp support tools) to compare the two text files created by SSNAP.

This way it is quite easy to find out which files/registry changes are needed to disable bluetooth or other functions on the device.
We are currently still waiting for the DMFP from microsoft to deploy the cab's we made to the devices.
when i have some standard cab files with their own functions i will post them here.


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# re: How to manage the mobile device
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Hi Kay, Nice works! By the way, i really need to know how you create the cab file to disable some of the setting like prevent user from enable the bluetooth and etc.

I tried to use the tools mentioned above and i managed to find 2 registry changes to enable the bluetooth, which are :

from 0 to 1

from 8 to 9

I've use wise package studio 7.0 to make the cab file to change the registry but no avail.

Can show me the light of doing this ?

Left by Samuel on Jun 23, 2006 4:47 AM

# re: How to manage the mobile device
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Preventing a user from enabling bluetooth on a Windows Mobile or CE is exactly what I need to do also.

Did you find a resolution to this problem?
Left by Fred R. McClurg on Oct 17, 2007 1:02 PM

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