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There are so many good things happening right now in the Polish .NET Community that I thogh it would be best to put it together in one post. So here you have it:

Communities2Communities 2008

C2C'08 is a first ever countrywide IT conference organized by community of Microsoft .NET and SQL Server professionals. On April 5th 2008 eleven speakers will have opportunity to show the most wanted topics, and answer the most desired questions. The list of speakers looks very impressive and includes celebrities like Dino Esposito and Matin Kulov, along with best speakers selected by members of Polish user groups.

Here are the key facts:

  • Purpose: learning, sharing knowledge and interacting with other professionals and geeks
  • Topics: two tracks - .NET and SQL Server
  • Number of attendees: 200
  • Date: April 5th, 2008
  • Place: Microsoft, Al. Jerozolimskie 195A, Warsaw, Poland
  • Pricing: free
  • Website:

Although the official Heroes Happen Here product launch wave is over, there is still opportunity to learn about the new exciting products and other Microsoft technologies. Very soon user groups around the globe will begin executing the Heroes Community Launch events delivering deep technical training on Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, and SQL Server 2008. Here is the current schedule for Polish user groups:

Our group, KGD.NET will organize the conference on Saturday, June 7th 2008. We plan to have 5-6 sessions and about 200 attendees. To make this happen and to bring you some great speakers we are joining forces with Wroc.NET. I will post the details here in following weeks.

SharePoint training in Kraków

Besides the regular meetings (the next is scheduled on 26th March) in next few weeks KGD will organize a SharePoint training for group members. It will cover both WSS and MOSS and will be deliveried by Michał Gołda, certified SharePoint expert from Making Waves. We don't have the date set yet but if you are interested register now.


On personal note; I received several invitations to speak on some of these events. Here is my current schedule:

  • I was invited to speak at the event called "Discover the Next Web" that will be held on March 31st at Microsoft's Polish Office in Warsaw. My session is titled "User Interface 2.0", and as you could guess I will by speaking about WPF and showcase some of the cool projects that we've done at InterKnowlogy
  • I'm also helping my friends Marcin Celej and Michał Brzozowski build the coolest app ever to showcase during their session at the C2C conference on April 5th.
  • I accepted the invitation to speak at the Warsaw .NET UG in April but we need to work out the exact date.
  • And finally I will be speaking at the Heroes Community Launch event in Wrocław on June 2nd.

I'm looking forward to meet you there!

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