Hello World, take #2

I thought I would restart this blog that I've barely used, by doing the traditional introduction.

I'm Kelly Jones and I work for Sogeti USA in the Columbus, Ohio office.  I've been working in the IT field for ten years now.  Like most computer geeks, I've always tinkered with them, going clear back to my Commodore VIC-20 circa 1983.

Several years ago, I setup Another Old Computer Museum website.  The name was a little bit of a joke, since there were quite a few websites devoted old computers.  I originally made the HTML very simple, so people with older machines could browse the site.  Since then, I've hardly made any changes and now it almost seems "retro" so I'm going to leave the design as is.

For my day job, I'm a Senior Consultant with Sogeti in the Microsoft Practice.  My most recent focus has been .Net development and SharePoint.  Programmer/developer was not how I started out in IT.  I worked my way up through help desk and did infrastructure stuff for a while (configuring servers; architecting/building out networks; desktop deployments) before jumping into web development with .NET.

I recently spoke at a local Microsoft conference, the Dog Food Developer's Conference, with a fellow Sogetian, Mike Lutton.  We presented IE8, covering topics like web slices, accelerators, the new dev toolbar, DOM storage, etc.  You can download the slide deck here:

Download link here

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