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After chatting with Chris earlier today, and browsing both the Coding4Fun and UpgradeYourGame sites, I have come to the conclusion that I'm over-complicating things here. Like Chris, I want to be able to encourage everyone and show that anyone can do this. With my last post, I fear I have violated this principle of encouragement.

This decision isn't only because of others though. I've been fighting with the rotation capabilities of SDL.NET today (or rather, the lack of decent ones), and am currently quite frustrated. I don't want to fight over this. And with the 40 day deadline approaching, I don't necessarily want to fight getting it up to speed and working in Managed DirectX. If I've learned anything from work, it is the importance of managing scope.

In the hope of managing scope, I have decided to take a stab to see if GDI+ (like the samples on Coding4Fun) will be sufficient for me. I'm assuming that due to the fact that the game I'm working on is a simple 2d game, GDI+ should do just the trick for me.

I'm also hoping that by using GDI+, it will help appeal to the hobbyist developers out there wanting to "get into" hobbyist game development using the free tools now at our disposal.

Besides, if GDI+ doesn't get in my way too much than I should be able to spend my time working on the game mechanics, game features, and the code architecture of the entire project. In the future, I can always "upgrade" this to Managed DirectX (maybe after XNA Framework has been released).

Back to work.

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2006 3:16 AM Game Development | Back to top

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