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As I do almost every year, I rearranged my home office.  This time I moved my desk against the wall and added a shelve to support my main monitors.  This allows me to work from my two macs when I am at home, and RDP into my Windows development laptop (below the monitors).  I mainly use the macs for graphics work and photography now.  The MacBook Air is still goes with me each day and sometimes I bring the iPad as well.  Without better pen support, the iPad is just my couch app device or car device for trips.  The speed of the MacBook Air or my Toshiba 13 inch Protégé make it not as useful as it once was.  I ended up killing the unlimited data plan and went with Clear 4G Clearspot device for connecting all my devices.  Works great.

Hopefully I will stick with this setup for awhile.  I have a lot of work to get going on the next revision of .  This will be version 5.0 so we need some cool stuff!

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