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Today, I was having a thread lock issue with an application I am working on and to debug where the application was occurring, I had to wait 15 minutes until it produced itself.  Well since I knew it was a lock issue somewhere and the exception was being caused by an object being changed by a second thread before another call was made by the first thread, if I could raise the resource level on the machine, it would be likely to recreate it quicker.  So, what is the most resource intensive application I have, World of Warcraft!

So I ran WoW and had my character auto-run and jump against a wall and it dropped the time from 15 minutes to 3-4 minutes.  So if you can convience your boss to get you WoW for these development purposes, I would suggest it. :D

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2006 12:49 PM .NET | Back to top

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