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Good morning Kansas, as a joke we decided not to clean the roads today! 

With last night's freak rain/ice/snow storm, we the department of transportation safety, decided to not clean the roads.  How stupid is that.  Johnson County (one of the richest counties in the nation) is full of idiot drivers with SUVs ready to go.  Every car but 2 I saw (probably 15-20) in the ditch, was a brand new Luxury SUV.  My car, is a nice fat, rear-wheel drive machine.  I made it fine, so how does your new Hummer H2 get stuck facing the median?  I really do hate the kind of weather.  I saw 4-5 Explorers (the safety SUV) either in ditches, facing me on the road, or in the middle of the lane completely stuck.  I used to think the wheels that spin when you are at a stop were cool until I saw them on an SUV slowing down at a light.  With every other SUV stuck, I thought for sure they were doomed.  The moral of this story today is, if you think your vehicle is better than others in the snow, YOU'RE WRONG, just drive like everyone else, or else it will be your ass pushing your $50,000+ SUV out of the snow.

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