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Over 7 continuous months I have consumed my beloved chicken fajita with medium corn salsa, two scoops of the hot stuff, and cheese (aka ‘the Justin’) at a minimum rate of 5 times a week. Do the math people. 155 burritos. I just so happen to know that my burrito costs $6.30 after tax. That is $976.50. Almost $1000 spent on burritos. This is not including the gas expenses incurred on my 40-minute round trip drive from Chipotle and back. In summary: I’m a fan.

However, the giving hasn’t all been on my end. One of the many things I love about Chipotle is there ability to recognize us super fans in a fashion that keeps us spending more money. I dedicate this blog describing the very perks of the diet I have received thus far (minus losing 60 pounds).

First of all there are the fish bowl drawings. Basically, this is a bowl in which you drop your business card. Once a week the store manager draws a card out of the bowl; and if it is yours, you and your coworkers gets free burritos (max limit of 10 coworkers). I made it a point to drop my business card in the bowl everyday. Unfortunately, the store manager wasn’t very good at keeping up with weekly drawings. In fact, for 3 months he never drew any card and my business cards were starting to flow out of the top of the bowl. So, I reminded him of the drawing and I won 3 out of the next 4 drawings. After that, he quit doing the fish bowl drawings altogether. However, he didn’t take the fish bowl down, so I still keep tossing my card in everyday in hopes that one day he will continue the drawings again.

After that I went on a cold streak. It seemed like everyday I would read Eric Foster’s (the other Chipotle Diet guy) blog about how he got another free t-shirt or another free burrito coupon. However, I got nothing. I knew I could probably email the guys at corporate and out of pity they would send me some freebies, but I wanted to get freebies without having to beg. I wanted to get freebies, because they wanted to give me freebies (if that makes sense). So I ate burritos and kept corporate informed about my accomplishments along the way.

Then one day in October my hard work paid off. Corporate responded to my fully-automated burrito post in disbelief. They could not believe that I no longer have to order my burrito. They thought it was so amazing they forwarded my accomplishment throughout the entire business. One of those contacts happened to be Ben Neis, marketing coordinator for the Midwest region; my new best friend.

Ben and I continued to exchange emails for over a month on my progress. Then in November, I sent Ben and Corporate my cost savings analysis on the lids. Two days later Ben responded with an email saying that he would like to present me with a small gift on behalf of Chipotle as a token of their appreciation. I peed my pants.

OK I didn’t, but needless to say, I was excited. My excitement was delayed however as Ben told me that I would have to wait over a month for my gift to be made. Yeah that’s right. MADE!! What exactly did that mean? Am I getting a restaurant or something? I think anyone in my situation would have been curious if someone said they had to personally make your gift. I have to admit…my imagination got the best of me…I had hopes of a commercial contract, a year supply of free burritos card, and a giant billboard with my face on it dancing in my head. Needless to say, the gift wasn’t any of these things…but they give me something to shoot for in the future.

Xmas and New Years rolled around and still no word from Ben. However, around Xmas I had received a gift from Chipotle. Lip Guac; basically, Chap Stick in the color of guacamole green. The Chap Stick gift came with a free coupon for chips and guac and with a postcard with a little message at the bottom saying ‘a small token of our gratitude’. I couldn’t believe my gift was Chap Stick. Not quite what I needed to complement my diet. However, it was my first real freebie.


Kind of bummed out, I continued on the diet, because after all, the diet was about weight loss, not freebies (although freebies are cool). Then finally things started to look up for me. Two weeks ago Ben finally emailed me saying that my real gift had arrived and that there were two parts to the gift. He also told me that the Chap Stick wasn’t the real gift, but that he hoped I had enjoyed it.

I couldn’t believe the freebies weren’t done. This is awesome!! Ben’s email described the first of two gifts. Up to 50 free burritos for my coworkers. Can you believe it? 50 free burritos. Wow. I get to be like Santa Claus as I hand out burritos to all the coworkers who have been nice to me throughout the years. Too bad I couldn’t have planned it around evaluation time. On top of the free burritos, Ben was going to personally deliver them to my work and present me with my other gift. Unbelievable. Chipotle doesn’t even deliver in the K.C. area. Now I feel special.

Without further delay, today was the day of my free gift; or free gifts as it turned out to be. Ben and Chipotle showed up right on time with 50 free burritos in hand and I noticed Ben had a few items to present to me. The first few items he presented to me were a Chipotle beanie, a Chipotle CD containing world music from, a Chipotle backpack, 10 free burrito coupons in the form of a deck of cards, and two free burrito coupons in the form of silver coins. Very cool might I add. Then Ben unwrapped a framed certificate. I have been named as a Chipotle MBA. Master Burrito Ambassador. Kid you not. The certificate was signed by CEO Steve Ells and came with an elite Chipotle MBA T-Shirt. On top of that, Ben told me that this was the gift that keeps on giving. It turns out that if you are a Chipotle MBA, you get a free gift every quarter. Hence, the Chap Stick was the gift from last quarter. How cool is that?

After the presentation was done, Ben had one last item to present to me; a stack of my business cards (Over 100 of them to be exact). It turns out that my store manager had kept all my business cards I threw into the fish bowl. He had Ben hand them back to me today so I could reuse them. I still didn’t win the drawing :). Thank you Chipotle!!

Below is a pic of me in my new Chipotle gear along with some pics of the freebies I received today. Enjoy.


MBA – Master Burrito Ambassador





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# re: Chipotle Diet Part 3 - Perks of the Diet
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Dude - congrats. That's an awesome package of swag you got there.
Left by greg on Jan 21, 2008 7:21 PM

# re: Chipotle Diet Part 3 - Perks of the Diet
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Pretty sweet deal - and congrats on the weight loss! Reminds me slightly of the time when I pointed out a mistake on the Cerwin-Vega web site...I got a follow up e-mail asking for more details and my address. A couple weeks later I had a huge swag box of Cerwin-Vega stuff, shirts, key-chain fobs, swiss army knife, flashlight, and a bunch of other things. I had jokingly suggested they send me a free shirt (I'm always trying to get free t-shirts) since my last name was Vega and I had helped them out with their error...their marketing dept sent me a whole lot more than that!
Left by Lou on Jan 22, 2008 6:03 AM

# re: Chipotle Diet Part 3 - Perks of the Diet
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I have also got my m.b.a The perks are great I love the stuff they send me and most of the free coupons I dont want to use cause they are awsome like the coins.
Left by Kevin Petersen on Aug 31, 2008 10:04 PM

# re: Chipotle Diet Part 3 - Perks of the Diet
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I just became a chipotle MBA, I'm so stoked!
Left by Jeremy Van Liew on Jan 17, 2009 5:33 PM

# re: Chipotle Diet Part 3 - Perks of the Diet
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You are officially my new hero :)

Left by Katie K. on Mar 03, 2009 4:40 PM

# re: Chipotle Diet Part 3 - Perks of the Diet
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I just became an M.B.A as well. What's more... I also go to the same Chipotle every business day here in Raleigh,NC, order the same thing ("the Lexie"- steak tacos, with cheese and guac) and I no longer have to order. The staff just starts to make it for me when I walk in. I've been going for 10 months- over 200 orders of steak tacos! AND... drumroll... I moved here from KC! Bizarre! Congrats on you MBA status!
Left by Lexie H. on Mar 12, 2009 3:07 PM

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