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This whole idea of Morts is really getting out of hand. How insecure in your profession must you be before you need to create a category of developers to put yourself over. I keep seeing comments like

I'm teaching a class of Morts today
Can Morts enter the new frontier of programming

I know what the origins are of Mort, but it seems it has become somewhat of a derogatory term.
It seems that of you don't follow the same development methodology of certain "developers" you are classified a Mort. If you want to go home at a decent hour, you're a Mort. If you do something that just works, instead of using a certain framework or design paradigm, you're a Mort. What a bunch of crap.
Corporations across the world have teams of developers that just get the job done. Not every developer wants to be a rock star. Not every developer wants to be on the cutting edge. Most just want to get the job done the best way they can. They want to use the tools that give them the most bang for the buck. They don't have the time or the budget to experiment with new ideas. And guess what, they're getting the job done.
Instead of spending so much time making sure everyone knows that they're NOT a Mort, some should spend a little more time making sure they're not just jousting with windmills. Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 11:01 AM General Rants | Back to top

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Personally, I use the term "jobbing developer". Not in a derogatory way, but as an acknowledgment that these are the folks who keep the installed base running - just like plumbers, painters, carpenters and so on.
Left by Alan Dean on Oct 17, 2007 1:02 PM

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