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There has been a couple fo posts recently regarding the hiring practices of companies. I have had a couple of interesting experiences with this recently. These experiences I would classify as how *not* to hire someone.

First one happend about 4 or 5 months ago. I submitted a resume to consulting firm. The company is fairly well know in the .NET development circles as is the owner. I received a call from one of the developers in the company and we chatted for about 5 or 10 minutes. Very informal, very non-technical kinda stuff. A day or so later I get a call from the owner. Again chatted for about 5 or 10 minutes, again very informal and again very non-technical. He then tells me all about the company, benefits, clients etc. Next thing I know I'm being offered a position with a 6 figure salary. I discuss this with my wife and for some reason neither one of us feels very comfortable with something. Can't determine what exactly, but somethings not warm and fuzzy. I turn down the offer, make my apologies and that's that. Thinking about for a while I realize that I was offered a job, but was never asked one single technical question. Fastforward to TechEd and I see that this company has a booth. I figure great, I can at least meet everyone and again thank them for their time. I walk by the booth and see someone sitting with their feet up on a table talking on a cell phone completely ignoring anyone that walked by the booth. Great way to sell your organization. Goes to show that the bad feeling that my wife and I had apparently was worth listening to.

Another experience I had was more recent. This was for a position in a very large company. I was asked to submit a resume which I did. Few days later I had the call from the recruiter to set up a screen with a higher ranking official. We played phone tag a little, but were finally able to talk. This was a technical discussion (they at least got that right). Final words were that he would like to have me come on site for more talks. Fine with me. Week goes by, no contact. Another few days and I get a call from the recruiter that says you need to get here as soon as you can. The higher up offical is ticked because we didn't get you is sooner. Arrangements for a hotel are made, directions are given and a couple days later I drive the 5 + hours (yes they made me drive) to their office. I get to the hotel and the desk clerk asks “How will you be paying for this Mr. Glynn?” Huh? This should be picked up by the xxx comapny. Nope, sorry, no record of that. So I try and call recruiter, but not at her desk so I leave a message. If it wasn't for the fact that I just drove 5+ hours to get there, I would have left and went back home. I pull out the credit card and get the room. I get a call from the recruiter and she apologizes and fixes the problem (so I thought). I still ended up having to pay for the sandwich that night, breakfast the next morning and for parking. The meeting goes fairly well, they did make good on the other expendentures and I head back home. No word for a week. I send an email. No word for another week. My wife is going crazy because she doesn't know if we are moving or not. Finally an email. Don't know what's happening, I'll check and let you know. This was from the person that I would be working for. How could he not know what's happening? Am I on the running, are their other candidates, when can I expect to hear soomething? At this point I had decided that even if they did make an offer, chances were very likely that I would not except. Another week goes by. I send another email. Another week goes by and I get a call from someone in Personnel, thanks but we hired someone else. Couple of days later a postcard comes in the mail, thanks for your resume.

Bottom line is that when your hiring you always have to remember that the candidate is interviewing you as well. Because of the experiences I had with these comapanies, I doubt that I would ever be interested in working for either of them. These may be great places to work for, but first impressions do make a diference.

Posted on Friday, July 22, 2005 4:16 PM General Rants | Back to top

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