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Steven Cohn has a post Risk Based Unit Testing in which he describes the difference between tactical vs strategic unit testing. Tactical would be along the lines of TDD in which almost every individual method and property has a test written for it. Strategic would be testing the logical business case. This level of testing would actually test several method and property calls. The point being the test isn't as concerned with each individual method call, but the end result of making several method call. If a test fails, then a finer grain appraoch can be taken.

The point if this is developer and project productivity. Writing thousands of lines of test code when in reality hundreds will work means that the business user has their new toy sooner. To quote from Steven's post:

When I throw my code over the wall to the QA group, they don't care if my sorting method works.  They want to know if the application works.  So, to me, the challenge is making sure that I understand what's expected of the application at a higher strategic level and then prove it.  This will speed up the development/QA cycles, make QA happier, which will make my life easier, which gives me more time to write these largely unread, ignored blog entries.

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