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Roy Osherove had a comment asking when we might see more XP related content from Microsoft? My answer to that would be hopefully never. In his post, Roy ponders how the XP process would work on projects as large and vast as what Microsoft produces. Is he really serious? Can something like Word be developed using XP?  I can't possibly see how. The other question he asks is will we see Microsoft showing us how to do XP in Enterprise level applications. Microsoft has not been able to properly show us how to enterprise development in general until just very recently. Remember they are the ones that tell us to bind datasets to the gui.

Microsoft needs to stay out of this area. They are best suited at making tools. I think it would become very difficult if Microsoft started shoving processes down my throat. And heaven forbid that they should start tieing features of the tools with processes.

Posted on Monday, May 10, 2004 11:30 AM Architecture | Back to top

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