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12th May - 9:30pm - all eyes will be glued - to Mtv - Microsoft is all about the consumer... we proved it again by announcing that we will be revealing our much awaited next gen gaming console not at some conference like the others but right in your home - right on your TV screen on MTv.

Here are the TV show listings in your country when the zatang-phatang-sooper-dooper next gen XBox will first be revealed on Mtv

“MTV Presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed” will be broadcast around the world. Local market times are as follows:

North America:         Thursday, May 12, at 9:30 p.m. (21:30)
Japan/Asia:       Friday, May 13, at 11:30
EuropeFrance:  Friday, May 13, at 19:00
Germany:          Friday, May 13, at 19:00
Italy:                 Friday, May 13, at 23:30
Netherlands:     Friday, May 13, at 19:30
Poland:             Friday, May 13, at 21:00
Portugal:           Friday, May 13, at 20:00
Romania:          Friday, May 13, at 20:00
Scandinavia:     Friday, May 13, at 22:00
Spain:               Friday, May 13, at 21:30
U.K.:                Friday, May 13, at 20:00
Australia:          Friday, May 13, at 19:00


Join us.. the world will be watching...

Mohammed Jeelani

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I'm just shocked at this!
Left by durex condoms on Sep 01, 2005 7:26 PM

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