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Wow, what a fast summer!  It seems like just yesterday several of us were saying our goodbyes at the May NoVA Code Camp in Reston, VA.  I remember how excited I was on the way home from NoVA code camp.  It was a great way to finish up spring code camps.  While the schedule seemed a bit crazy at times, it was well worth it.  The variety of sessions offered and incidental knowledge obtained via hallway, open spaces and speaker lounge conversations with other professionals makes the trek to each event very worthwhile.  On the heels of the NoVA Code Camp, I spoke about Mesh and Live Framework at the June North Delaware User Group meeting and then it was time for summer vacation and a busy summer at the office. 

Now that fall has arrived, it’s time for another round of code camps and visits to various user groups in the area.


This will be my first session at a Rockville .NET User Group meeting.  The meeting is Wednesday, September 9.  In the past, there have been many great talks at RockNUG meetings. Hopefully, I can keep the streak of quality sessions alive.  I will be presenting “Understanding Windows Live Framework and Mesh.”  I had hoped to make this my “bright and shiny” topic this fall. Unfortunately, with the Live Framework being pulled September 8th as a part of its migration to Windows Live , this will not be the case.  However, I think Wednesday’s talk will still provide much insight as to what the future holds for developing applications for Windows Live.

RDU Code Camp

Raleigh Code Camp is September 19th at ECPI in Raleigh, NC.  This year I will be attending and speaking for the first time at the event.  While attending Richmond Code Camp in the spring, I spoke with several folks who heavily recommended RDU Code Camp.  I will be presenting “Developing WPF Applications with Prism” at RDU Code Camp.  Being an architecture and framework geek, I really love presenting this topic because it can be so useful for developing business applications.


While I’m not scheduled to speak at the Frederick .NET User Group September 22nd meeting, I want to make a shameless plug for the meeting.  We have the privilege of having INETA Speaker Claudio Lassala presenting on Refactoring, Patterns, new language features, code quality, and more!  I’ve not heard Claudio speak, but I’ve enjoyed reading many of his articles in various developer magazines.

Richmond Code Camp

On October 3rd, Richmond Code Camp (RCC2009.2) will be held at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.  I attended this code camp in the spring and met several great folks in the community while attending some insightful sessions which proved useful over the summer at work.  The folks at Richmond run a great event and their hard work shows.  I will be presenting “Developing WPF Applications with Prism” at Richmond.  Again, I love this topic because I’ve found it useful for developing applications at the office.


On November 10th, I’m scheduled to speak at PGHDOTNET on “Building Loosely Coupled Applications with Unity – Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control.”  I did a variation of this talk at several spring code camps.  This is another one of those topics that evolved because of the amount of dependency injection used in today’s applications.  While it still seems to be a niche topic, many attendees told me after my spring sessions that they really had a much better understanding of the topic.  I spoke at the spring PGHDOTNET Code Camp and I look forward to seeing the folks again.

Get Involved in the Development Community

Last, but not least, get out and participate in the development community!  I was surprised how many user groups and code camps were located not that far away.  You can check-out Community Megaphone or INETA and find the events or user groups near you.  I encourage you to attend or maybe even speak at an event.  You will not be disappointed, there’s always some nugget or granule to be found at a community event session.

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