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Let’s accept that you can’t run your Magento website without taking the help of a great designer. There’s always something that needs to be changed or fixed.

Many online drivers strive to find a good Magento development company, and this doesn’t affect their business in a right way. It's why we thought to write this post to explain to you about finding the best person for the job. 

The first thing to consider before you start searching for a developer is where you need to search accurately. Consider the following:

Personal Network

The best place to start your search is by asking your colleagues, friends or family if they know a good developer of Magento platform. They will be glad to advise someone they’ve hired as a developer for their project.

Don't hire someone that your friends think or heard is good. Hire someone who already tested for working on Magento development to minimise any future risk of your project.

Magento Solution Partners

Magento's Solution partners community is specifically built to aid all kind of Magento related implementations. Every member of this community has access to support, training and services from Magneto, which ensures a reliable job with the project. But be aware of the high prices charged by these developers.

You can funnel down the developers, according to your convenient location and specialisation (CRM) to find the one that best suits your needs.

Magento Certification Directory

You can search and find Magento certified developer with excellent skills in website development in Magento Certification directory. With the help of this directory, you can easily find an independent, excellent developer. You can also use the directory to find if your prospective developer is certified or not. But, keep in mind that hiring an individual developer doesn't go well when it comes to building an entire website as it requires too much work and various skills.

Industry Blogs

Many good developers are blogging about Magento. Review the blogs and articles written by the developers. Find multiple good authors and contact them to take on a new project. The only con in this search method is that most of the developers hire writers to write content for them, which may result in loss of information on the article while communicating the information about articles to writers.

Social Media Groups

Social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook allows anyone to create groups related to a particular community. Similarly, there are a plenty of developers groups on Linkedin and Facebook that are into Magento website development. Look for the right one.

Finding a brilliant and efficient developer is a daunting job, but you can do it if you follow the right path. The best thing to do is to ask for advice from someone who has been done it before to help you screen candidates. Another thing that you can do is reviewing each candidate or agency profile on various platforms like Google, Quora and many other. A good company can justify your business's need in this competitive market of online ventures. We wish you luck in finding a right developer at competitive rates!

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