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Still have an old AIM email address lying around and would like to forward it to Gmail?  Seems AIM does not have the option to forward mail to another email address but you can import all of your AIM emails into Gmail using POP3.  Here's how:

1.  Login to your AIM and click on Settings on the far right

2.  In the left menu click IMAP and POP 

3.  This shows your IMAP and POP setup information for AIM.  We're going to put this into your Gmail account so your Gmail account will check your AIM account and download all AIM emails.

4.  Login to your Gmail, click Settings and click Accounts and Import

5.  Click Import mail and contacts.  A new window will pop up asking what account you want to import.  Enter your AIM Email Address and click Continue

6.  The next page asks for your password.  Enter your password and click Continue.  Step 2 asks your Import options.  I'd put a checkmark in "Leave a copy of retrieved message on server".  That way all your mail is still stored on AIM if you ever need it.

7.  Click Start import and you're done.  Next screen says it make take several hours up to 2 days before you start seeing imported messages and can check the status at Settings > Accounts and Import

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# re: How to forward AIM to Gmail
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Thanks, I was getting frustrated at all the search results saying you can't forward AIM/AOL email until I came across this. Much appreciated!
Left by Ray on Feb 17, 2011 12:14 PM

# re: How to forward AIM to Gmail
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aim email forward to gmail which i forget of my aim email password
Left by dew on Jul 08, 2012 9:11 PM

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