Azure Bootcamp 2016 – Boca Raton

This post is a summary of the local event, and includes the Azure Data Labs that we are hosting in the Boca Raton location for the Global Azure Bootcamp 2016.


We are excited to introduce you to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Many of our local MVPs will be presenting tomorrow on various topics, so be ready for a downpour of information!  We will have two tracks: Dev Ops, and Developer. We will also have a joint session for an overall introduction to Azure in the morning, and another joint session for a general Q&A right after lunch.

Here is the tentative agenda:


Data Lab

We are proposing three labs for this event to focus on data: Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage, and the Redis Cache. Note that each lab could take between 30-45 minutes to complete; as a result you may only be able to go through one or two labs at the event.

Azure SQL Database

Objectives: create a new Azure SQL Database server, and a database, using the management portal ( and connect to it using SQL Server Management Studio, and Visual Studio.

Lab 1: Create a Azure SQL Database

Lab 2: Connect using SQL Server Management Studio

Lab 3: Connect using C# and Add Rows

Lab 4: Run System Commands to Monitor Performance


Azure Storage

Objectives: Create an Azure Table and store no-sql data in the table programmatically. Send a message in an Azure Queue programmatically and retrieve it later.

Lab 1: Create, Query and Update Data in an Azure Table with C#

Lab 2: Create and Use Azure Queues using C#


Redis Cache

Objectives: Create a Redis Cache environment and use it using C#.

Lab 1: Create and use a Redis Azure Cache

About the Azure Bootcamp

The event is sponsored globally by many companies (see for general information about this global event). We also have two local sponsors that are making this event possible: Champions Solutions Group (, and Enzo Unified (

The event is organized by the Azure Florida Association; we host meetings monthly (either online or onsite). Please join the Azure Florida Association on Linked In:

Our speakers this year are:

Dave Noderer, MVP (@davenoderer,

Adnan Cartwright, MVP (@adnancartwright,

Jason Milgram, MVP (@jmilgram,

Herve Roggero, MVP (@hroggero,

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