Pro SQL Azure is out! (from APress)

It's been a ride!  Over six months ago Scott Klein and I started to write a book on SQL Azure.  It is now officially out and available. You can find the book on Amazon here:

We used and abused SQL Azure for a few months, used it in projects and pushed some of its limits to understand how it behaves. We present the basics of SQL Azure on a couple of chapters, including what the definition of a database is in the cloud. However we also take a deeper dive and look at design patterns using SQL Azure, performance limitations and tools that can help you baseline your T-SQL code, and of course many other topics such as migration, security, encryption, SSIS integration and so on.

Finally, as you can expect, the Azure platform changes quickly. Getting automatic service updates in Azure is one of the strengths of this cloud platform. This also means that the platform will evolve quicker than other traditional technologies and that some sections of the book will need revision over time.

Nevertheless we hope you will buy this book and provide some constructive feedback so we can make it better over time!


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