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It's been a while since I last blogged. I'm still doing my xna stuff on the side however, now that I'm working, and I'm engaged again, I'm having smaller and smaller amounts of time to dedicate towards xna.

At work though, I'm still playing with .net. :) I'm recreating the Inventory Application that I made last year. This time with Ajax, Crystal Reports and an SQL Server. It's extremely complex, with lots of parts to it.


Technology Work Orders - Add notes, Complete, Due Dates for Work Orders sent in by staff. Basically, a much more complex Task List.

Technology Inventory - An entire list of all inventory in the district. Allows Tech Notes, Building and Room locations. Item specific information for everything and the biggest task of it, Linking items together. So for example, you have a monitor in the inventory and desktop. You want to assign the monitor to the desktop. Now you can do that with this version.

Technology Supplies - Keep track of usable items. For example : Printer Cartridges. Find out how many of each type of Printer Cartridge was used in a month or a year. Find out how many cartridges a specific printer is going through. Find out how many DVD's or CD's are getting used.

Technology Network - This is the most complex part of the application. An entire grid of the network. Has all of the Routers, Hubs, Switches, and Ports in the network. Keeps track of where it is, what IP Address it's been given, and then which computer/print server/misc that it's been assigned to.

Reports / Searching - Everything in the application will be fully search-able by individual fields, or by entire tables, or even the entire application all at once. Along with the searching, reports of everything is on it.



Technology Work Orders - 90%

Technology Inventory - 80%

Technology Supplies - 0%

Technology Network - 15%

Reports / Searching - 10%


There's a long, long way to go on it yet. However, I've been learning all sorts of tricks and tips from all over the place. Starting from sql commands, down to ajax update panels, and off to data storage.

So now that I have my Windows Live Writer set up on my work computer again. I'll start blogging bit by bit of my new discoveries.


BTW, good job to everyone that entered an entry into the DreamBuildPlay contest, I was very impressed by a lot of the entries.

Good day

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