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I went to watch The Da Vinci Code, along with millions of others, waiting for something extraordinary. I've read the book, of course, and I've read it 3 times, the last time just now, before I went to watch the movie. The movie is not bad, but it's far from extraordinary. It lacks detail, and detail is one of the things that make the book fantastic. The problem is that without detail, the story just doesn't seem as real as it seems to be in the book.

Another aspect of the movie that made it worse is that Sophie Neveu's character in the movie is fragile and non-smart. In the book, she's a rich character that has a strong part in solving the mystery with Robert Langdon. In the movie, he solves all the mysteries and she is just there, doing nothing, being just an excuse for him to explain everything that's happening. Also, Robert Langdon in the book is much more a believer of The Holy Grail than in the movie. In the movie he has a "politically correct" opinion about it, and that also sucks.

And, finally, they've changed some small parts of the story for the movie: there is only one cryptex, Bezu Fache is Opus Dei, and the ending is a little different, but I won't explain how, because it would spoil it for those who haven't read the book or watched the movie.

So, in the end, as I said, is not a bad movie, but I do think that those who've read the book will enjoy it much better than those who haven't, because the ones who read it know the details. I am sorry that such a good opportunity as this has been lost, it was an opportunity of making one hell of a movie.

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