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Just a quick post. Finally, I have broadband internet at home, here in the UK.
Who could have thought that it would take so long to have, first a land line, now the broadband! And I thought that the "first world" had great telecommunication companies.

At least now the bloody thing is working (but my landline still seems to have a problem :-/).

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A few years back a group of archeologists set out to find out which country could claim to be the best one in terms of telecommunication.

They went to the US, and found Gran Bell's first phone, and the Americans felt really good about themselves, because they could claim that they had INVENTED the phone.

Then they went to the UK, and dug out the first telegraph cables. They even found those that were layed in the bottom of the ocean. Now the Britons were feeling very good about themselves... after all, the telegraph is the oldest kind of telecomunication, and what good would a phone be, if no one had discovered how to lay the cables for it?

Then they went to Portugal. They dug, they searched, the poked and asked around, but they could not find cables, or any vestiges of those. None-of-the-less, the Portuguese were really pleased at that! They walked tall and proud, saying to anyone who wanted to hear that not a single piece of cable was found in their land. When asked why, they just replied: "Well... if we don't have any cables it means that we have ALWAYS had cell phones"!

Have a good day!
Left by THE sister-in-law on Nov 17, 2006 2:49 PM

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