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Metrics and Analytics around Video, Social Media, Broadband and Mobile

My notes from this session at Digital Hollywood.

William Lederer – CEO Kantar Video
Eric Forst – Head of West Coast Business Dev – MEC Interaction
Charlie Rahilly  - Pres of National Advertiser Platforms for Clear Channel Radio
Craig Macdonald – SVP Covario
Kenneth Papagan – Pres Rentrak Corp

  • Business problem is that 96 percent say that we need good metrics – right now it is not clear and not transparent on what companies are getting in touching all these platforms.
  • We need to be able to measure a single platform – what is the challenge of this?
    • TV is the most important platform. $60-80 billion dollar ad spend a year. Now with mobile or Internet – those exposures are additive. You will always use the best available screen. They are apples and oranges. The industry wants to call everything apples – but they are not. – KP
    • Tracking codes suck – all tracking codes suck. That is why it doesn’t work. Most large companies don’t understand data discipline. Most issues can be resolved via simple tracking codes. – CM
    • Agency structures – once agencies were pretty integrated – but that is now all unbundled. Every media plan starts with the group you are working with. – CR
    • Social Media – it comes down to data quality. We look for keyword matches and we end up with too much spam. How to make this actionable data. – EF
    • Data collection is the biggest single challenge. This should be simple. There is plenty of challenge around the ecosystem as the cause of this. Money goes to older media and the time people spend is in new media. There is a complete mismatch here. – WL
  • Network aggregation --- is this real?
    • There are a 100 ways to see a piece of content. There is a dire need to track a piece of content across all platforms. The more we move to a server based media the better we can do this. – KP
    • Should be attribution analysis. “We are spending a bunch of money on each of these channels … clearly there are inter-relationships between these channels”. How do I get the data organized? How to do cross metrics? – CM
  • Millions of hours of content that people can hear – but you cannot tag it so easily. If we can make this searchable then we can figure out more of what people are looking for.
  • Online and mobile video will be the most researched medium. We are going to soon have the ability to make metrics against video.
  • Some metrics – Do you post a lot? Do you get pull? Do you just comment a lot? The importance is the eyeballs on the conversation. This is how they measure conversations and authors.
  • We need to redefine reach.
  • Everyone is a bunch of tags (not a person). Companies understand relevancy of its product for the person based upon those tags. This is called Social Targeting.
  • Notion of a basket of one – KP thinks there is a basket of currencies – engaged viewer is better than a disengaged viewer. Basket of currencies is not just dollars.
  • There is certainly a social currency. How is the company liked in the social media? 9 out of 10 companies – we tell them to start social media with the support part of the company.
  • The media companies may have this metric information but they might not be willing to share it.
    • Media companies like to hear the good parts of the stories and not the bad.
    • Will this info be used as weapons?
  • Tools to use?
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