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image Good news for us all is that the RC build of the much-anticipated Windows 7 is going to be made available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers on April 30. For the rest of the world, you won’t have long to wait, as the Windows 7 RC will be available on May 5th as I previously reported on my Twitter account.

For those that are not aware, RC means Release Candidate, as this is the pre-final version of the operating system and it is supposed to include everything that will be in the final shipping version of the application. As I understand it, this version of the OS will be valid for one year.

Microsoft has been saying that they are going to provide the final release of Windows 7 sometime in early 2010 – but all the forces on the Internet have been suggesting a Q3 2009 release of this OS. The reasoning behind this is twofold (in my opinion). The first is that Microsoft has surely taken a beating on Windows Vista – its early compatibility problems and the on-going performance issues that Vista was giving end users. Because of this, Microsoft as a company cannot afford to wait much longer and let other OS venders take market share from them. You will notice that Microsoft seems to want to put this OS release behind them and get to talking again about the “wonders” of Microsoft and the technology they provide rather than constantly being put in a defensive position when it comes to their OS. If they release is going to be ASAP, then the time to do this is in time for college students to get their new computers for their upcoming school year – thus, the reasoning for the Q3 release.

I have to say that I was a big voice of complaint against Vista. I installed Vista on my computer on three separate occasions over the last few years in order to give it another chance and in all cases; I uninstalled it as it was preventing me from doing my day-to-day job at Thomson Reuters. However, I have been running Windows 7 now some time on many machines and I am the biggest fan of this OS. It is FAST, works well on netbooks (computers with limited memory and CPU capabilities), and it a wonderful experience all around. Once I spent some time with Win7, I released that my XP days were no behind me. I have converted many of my machines to Windows 7 and was simply waiting for the RC release before I get rid of XP all together.

The only issue that I have experienced with the Beta release is when my 4 year old (who has an account on the same machine) plays one of his game DVDs (an ooooooold game) that takes the resolution down to 800x600, it won’t revert back without a reboot of the computer.

I also had an issue with the Internet Explorer 8 version that was running on Windows 7 and had to switch to Firefox in order to work with many of the sites I was trying to run. This will be corrected in the RC release as I am quite sure that we will have the production version of IE8 in this release.

For those that are questioning whether to wait for the final release of the OS or to install this RC-version of the OS – my suggestion is if you know how to install an fresh OS and install all your favorite applications and doing this every six months is a non-issue for you – then you should make the switch. You’ll be glad that you made this jump from XP or Vista to this OS – it is quite a wonderful piece of technology.

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# re: Windows 7 Coming to a Computer Near You April 30th
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I am a MSDN Subscriber i have started using the retail version when it is released. i love MSDN subscription.

waiting for visual studio 10
Left by VB Reader on Sep 24, 2009 9:06 AM

# re: Windows 7 Coming to a Computer Near You April 30th
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Windows 7 is definitely way better than Vista. Vista just eats up too much memory! The layout, look & feel of Windows 7 is very good, though you have to spend some time to accustom yourself to it. But still on the overall, it feels like the "New XP". Oh and yes, bugs using the Internet Explorer are everywhere, but Firefox works for me anyway.
Left by replacing boiler on Apr 28, 2010 3:57 AM

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