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There is some interesting patent news that came out today. The first is from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) which posted the 10 Most Wanted Patents that they are going after. A quote from their site:

Today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Patent Busting Project announced which patents the organization will target first in its campaign to rid the world of frivolous patent infringement lawsuits. After sifting through dozens of software and Internet-related patents submitted to its patent busting contest, EFF targeted ten whose crimes have made them enemies of the public domain. All the most-wanted patents are dangerously overbroad; many pose a threat to freedom of expression online. And every single one of the targeted patents is held by an entity that has threatened or brought lawsuits against small businesses, individuals, or nonprofits.

Some of these patents are rather scary and broad in my mind .... such as the one company that has a patent for anyone that administers tests over the Internet. Hmmmm.


Next patent news story relates to Microsoft who just recently got a case they previously won overturned concerning ergonomic keyboards (which I detest). A German company sued them in 1998 about this saying that they held the patent for these keyboards and the Microsoft needs to pay them royalties. To me, another silly patent. You can read the full article about this topic here. It seems that Microsoft showed them that they were working on this well before the patents were applied for, but the judge seemed to disagree.

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