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According to BusinessWeek (2008)... In 2007, a new form of attack, using sophisticated technology, deluges outfits from the State Dept. to Boeing. Military cyber security specialists find the "resources of a nation-state behind it" and call the type of attack an "advanced persistent threat." The breaches are detailed in a classified document known as an Intelligence Community Assessment. The source of many of the attacks, allege U.S. officials, is China. China denies the charge.

Below are some recent resources related to APTs.

An Evolving Crisis
- Major attacks on the U.S. government and defense industry—and their code names

Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity
- The US is facing a severe national security challenge from a pervasive, deep penetration of government and private industry information networks by foreign intelligence and organized criminal entities

When Compromise is No Longer an Option
- Mandiant highlights key finding related to APTs and a methodology to combat that (detect, collect, analyze, remediate)

Under Cyberthreat: Defense Contractors
- Northrop Grumman's info security chief addresses the "well-resourced, highly sophisticated" attacks against makers of high-tech weaponry

Northrop Grumman's Timothy McKnight on Security and Identity Management
- Discusses the threat of nation-based attacks, the benefits of identity management and the future of the CISO role

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