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Google Maps Web services API wrapper for C#

Just released a new version of my gmaps-api-net (Google Maps Web Services API) for c# due to some bugs in the building of urls in the previous version, v0.10.0.  Go snag it from

The next release, v0.11.0 will have some pretty big changes in the c# api due to some restructuring that I feel is necessary:
- JSON serialization classes are directly exposed as the domain objects, will be abstracting them into a separate namespace and present better controlled domain objects. This will make creating actual domain objects easier that can adjust to situations easier without mucking up the JSON deserialization
- XML de/serialization, not currently available but will be in the future.

In addition, a big feature addition for v0.11.0 will be:
- Signing for Enterprise customers that have a Client ID and Private key generated by Google, giving the business customers many more requests. See Google Maps API for Business FAQ written up by Google.

In the future, I'm planning on trying to abstract out even the mapping technology in use:
- Use Google Maps, or Bing, or MapQuest, etc via providers on a Common mapping provider framework.

Keep tabs on the project at:

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