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"Beginners use C#, Experts use VB.NET" -funny quote

I just had to repost that quote, because its just fundamentally funny.  Biased, yes.  Observent?  Probably not... One could easily argue the reality (or the “dark side” in his VB world)

Don't get me wrong... VB has its place, and it will always be around because of the simplicity and verboseness (or English-like grammar) of the language.  Personally, I'm not embarassed by the fact that I learned the .NET Framework through VB.Net.  Why?  I came from a year long ASP/VB6 project.  I wasn't about to compound learning a completely new set of APIs in addition to struggling with precise syntax in C# (case sensitive type names, terseness, etc)

Personally, I think the VB side should go back to their roots and focus on usability like before... There's a time when you really want to do something in the quickest way, without worrying about inefficiencies of that quick way... ie, prototyping.  Sometimes I just wanna prove that something can be done.  There's times where I dont want to even create a whole new project in VS (I'd love to see some kind of Snippet compiler plug-in to Visual Studio for this exact reason.)  (I know there's a SnippetCompiler out there, and its great... But, its duplicating efforts already provided by VS for the most part, first thing that comes to mind is “their“ implementation of Intellisense versus Visual Studio's)

PS: The quote was gleaned from, and I'm not entirely sure it wasn't tongue in cheek... :-)

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# re: "Beginners use C#, Experts use VB.NET" -funny quote

Well whatever it is, I cannot stand VB code. Whenever I see those Dim's I get a splitting headache.
8/25/2005 8:46 AM | Tinsley

# re: "Beginners use C#, Experts use VB.NET" -funny quote

What is interesting about the parent article is his mention of the "C#-ish" (his words) standards. Option Strict to ON, be picky about case, use a refactoring tool, declare your namespace in the type, etc.

What exactly makes these non VB-ish or for that matter C# in nature? They all sound pretty normal to me... VB or otherwise.

When did good programming standards become a game for everyone but VB devs? Saying that VB devs do not posess the ability to code in an efficient and productive manner is just noise. There are just as many bad C# devs out there as any other language. That doesn't make C# a bad language, it just means it's a language like any other. Same goes for VB.

I do however agree with the fact that the "Experts use VB.NET" comment to be, well... inaccurate. Experts use both, beginners use both. The distinction is, well, unnecessary, short sided and a waste of bandwidth.
8/25/2005 7:51 PM | Eric Hammersley

# re: "Beginners use C#, Experts use VB.NET" -funny quote

help me
6/8/2006 2:59 AM | tt
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