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Another innovation stifling patent alert!

How did this patent idea EVER get patented?  Where's “prior art” in this case?  Why did Amazon pay $40 million?  You mean the court costs against this OBSURD patent were estimated to be MORE than $40 million?

So is it time to start patenting clickable buttons on an virtual device?  Maybe I can get several hundred thousand dollars for something that is not new, has been around for years now.

This is scary.  I have a project that it might impact... does this mean I have to license the patent idea from them?   Seriously, I'm becoming very worried about even writing software.  Who's gonna patent “Out of band communications between a Web Application on a client computer and a Web Service on a remote server via a public packet switch network.”  Maybe I should... man there's a lot of people I could sue after getting that patent.

Show me the money baby!

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