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The "official" VS 2005 Beta 3 feedback vote is on

Someone has done it.  Created a feedback item in the Product Feedback site for extending VS 2005 to a beta 3 build.

Personally, I'm with it.  There's too many rough edges still to go (in their defense, I havent had the time to install any CTP of VS2005 since Beta2... but with my new Virtual PC now that will change soon).  Since the product in its current form is usable, that should be OK.  I have a feeling that marketing has deadlines stated that don't meld with the actual VS2005 Product Developement, which IMO should take priority over any marketing. Period.

Your customers are making a request, and since Nullable types are baked into the runtime, we might see another CTP or official Beta soon.  Thats good news for all of us that are a bit concerned about the new “project-less” web sites.

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