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Am I out of line with my feedback to MSDN?

This one deals with buttons that are built via composition (ie, constructing a control, setting the properties in your control, and adding it to your controls collection).  Basically any controls built like this dont get any notice of the page's skin.

I submitted this feedback item because the “Forgot your Password“ control (and several others that use control composition to build their child controls) has a button that wasnt being skinned according to the skin file... The other buttons on the same page (declared through the aspx markup) worked fine.  

A pretty lame “explanation” says to “template the control, and it'll skin properly”  whats the point of that?  what if the control doesnt support that type of templating?  Now I have a control rendering a button completely different from the rest of the site.  Looks great from a web design standpoint.

So, I'm at a point where I'm not sure if the feedback I'm giving is really worth the time and effort to report it.

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