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Another reason to use PHP.Net?

Basically you cant embed <style> tags in the body of ASPX pages, because the designer wont know what to do.  So instead of ignoring it, it effectively falls back to a “Can not switch” error message, and, just like back in ASP.Net 1.1 days, the designer becomes unavailable, forcing you back into pure aspx html.

My frustration level with continues to rise.  Sure, the web projects are easy as pie to prototype, but once you start getting into the nitty gritty, you're always forced to figure out “the ASP.NET way” to do something.

Can't we get back to straight up HTML?  Why are we still continuing to ram web applications as the future?  When is somebody going to rescue us from this dumb idea of web applications? 

IMO, the only truly great web applications are shopping and catalog, and forums.  blogs.  not email readers, (although with the rise of web-based email, people are getting used to watered down UI's to accomodate HTML)  We continue to see “improvements” to HTML rendering, but when its all said and done, its still a chunk of markup ram-rodded down to your browser, with the hope that the client browser will render it correctly.  Javascript differences.  DOM differences.  “Rendering engine” differences.  Its all a bunch of crap.  HTML wasnt built for applications.

XAML is.  I'm hoping to see HTML die on the vine quickly.  To its credit, it got us here... Now lets see XAML take off and give us “smart client” features.

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