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I recently made a fairly drastic career jump away from Small Business Technical Evangelism and Technical Presenting... and I started a new job for the first time in a Microsoft Product Group as a Community Program Manager with the SQL Data Programmability(DP) team. I am loving the fact that I'm not traveling every week, and I get to spend my time immersed in the Developer Community, which I have to say I didn't think I would miss as much as I did.

So what is a Community PM? And what is DP?

What this means is that as a Community PM I don't 'own' any products, features, specs, or any development of code to do with the actual product lines our team is responsible for developing and servicing.  What I do 'own' is our engagement with our team's external customers and the community of developers that use our technologies.

Data Programmability includes many technologies that you are probably familiar with, and encompasses technologies that enable great data-enabled applications. We have a lot of technologies in our group, and something that will apply no matter what part of the Windows platform you use. The team has been building solutions for data programmability for many years, from the early formation of ODBC, the advances of OLEDB, core XML processing support with MSXML, ADO with Visual Basic, TDS and SOAP access to SQL Server, JDBC connectivity, working with Visual Studio on XML editing, XSLT debugging, and of course the new wave of productivity with the .NET Framework with ADO.NET and System.Xml.

You can check out the different DP Team blogs below:

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And our team Forums here:

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Welcome to the blogosphere! We love having Microsoft bloggers here.
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