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My final post on Imagine Cup 2004 and our trip to Brazil.

It was amazing... that's all I've been able to say when people ask me about my trip without launching into a 2 hour discussion of everything we did and saw. The last couple days in Sao Paulo were great, we demoed our app at PDC for an afternoon, and I was able to take in a session (one of 2 that were in English). Thank you to all those (Morris, Mario, Shreyas, Amy) who planned this event, it was great!

After Imagine Cup my team was lucky enough to stay an extra 4 days and head to Rio. Wow, what a city! We had the chance to paraglide (or hang glide), do some shopping, sit on the beach in the sun, and see the sights. We toured the Tijuca National Park (Rain forest) and drove through Santa Teresa. Oh and we saw the colorful tiled stairs (in lapa) that were used in a bunch of music videos. We stayed on Copacabana Beach and spent some time walking through Ipanema. For a more exciting account of what we saw in Rio check out (give me a couple days so I have the comments filled in).


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