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I am having a bit of a reflective night, and wanted to share some thoughts about moving towards service based architectures. PhatBoyG asked me "What is changing, now that you are spending more time working on MassTransit, about the way you architect solutions?"

At first blush, I thought about messages and windows services, but as I have had more time to think about it, some other thoughts occurred to me.

One of the biggest changes that I have begun to see in the way I am putting systems together is that I am thinking about reusable components. After writing the last sentence I realized that I have also further refined how I define 'reusable component.' Where before it meant, a chunk of code that I could reuse inside of multiple codebases. Those that have seen my codebases know that I am a big fan of a piece of code called the SmtpMailService, and its interface MailService (for the reason why no 'I'). The problem with this is that I am continually forgetting the configuration information for the Smtp server (are we using the default ports, or alternates to avoid hackers or what not). Nowadays, I see this piece of code moving to a win service, that sits on the Smtp server itself. Now all that I have to do, to enable my applications with email services, is to reference my 'email message assembly' and explain that in order to send an email all you need to do is publish a 'SendEmail' message with the constructor filled with the correct values (from, to, subject, body) which based on the argument's names is quite obvious.

I don't have to remember how to configure the service, all I need to remember is that to send an email I need to publish this one message. This makes the learning surface for new developers extremely small, and it also helps to ensure that email is only performed in the 'approved' fashions (such as sending from a known email address, or from a specific IP Address).

So, theses are the kinds of changes I am seeing in the way I develop and architect software.


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